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Are We Ready for AI Disruption? A Discussion with Legal and AI Experts on What the Implementation of AI Technology Means for the Future of IP

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) starting to pose certain challenges to existing legal frameworks, we had the opportunity to interview Jane Lambert, 4-5 Gray’s Inn Barrister and Rahela Penovski, CEO, Cognedt, on how AI is set to disrupt the future of patent law.

AI is changing our world and entering markets that were once reserved for human creativity. Companies are becoming increasingly more aware this and how the technology could implicate patents and licensing strategies. Furthermore, as life sciences organisations increasingly evolve into biotech firms, many need to consider how they might start commercialising both their tools and products.

Jane Lambert and Rahela Penovski discuss these challenges in more detail and provide solutions to help overcome these current hurdles.

Key benefits of downloading the video interview: 

  • Insights on how AI has impacted the Life Science industry
  • Understand how the industry can weather the effects of technological change to achieve an objective and enhance social welfare through the promotion of innovation
  • Explore if the definition of inventor and should we define AI as such
  • Discussions on scaling the future of AI patents

To gain the full insight to the following questions download the interview now >>

  1. What artificial intelligence advancements are expected to disrupt patent law?
  2. How can the legal industry weather the effects of technological change to achieve their objectives and enhance social welfare through the promotion of innovation?
  3. Should we define AI as an inventor?
  4. How should we scale the future for AI patents?

Your Networking Opportunities - Download the attendee list

To give you a better idea of the attendee profile, here is a sample list of the event attendees - are these companies of interest to you? Download a full sample attendee list

Accounts attending the Life Science IP conference include: 

  • Destiny Pharma Ltd.
  • Munich Regional Court I
  • European Commission
  • UK House of Lords
  • Freeline Therapeutics Limited
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals UK
  • Gsk Consumer Healthcare
  • Zentiva
  • Synthon BV
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Versus Arthritis

To view the full list of orgnaisations and job titles attending the conference download the attendee list. 

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Uncertainty Remains for IP Rights Post-Brexit: Insights from Kevin Mooney, Rules and Procedure Committee, Chairman

A profound number of implications are predicted to shift the world of patent law and litigation when the UK exits the EU. However, it goes without saying that the decision for the UK to come out of the EU will have a significant consequence on many businesses trading with, and in, the UK, not least those businesses which have significant intellectual property rights.

Download the full interview with Kevin Mooney, Chairman of the Rules and Procedure Committee, UPC, to explore what the landscape for intellectual property owners could look like post-Brexit. 

Key benefits of downloading the interview: 

  • Insights on what the Unified Patent Agreement offers for right holders post-Brexit
  • The challenges of IP and patents post-Brexit; both to patents registered in the UK and patents registered abroad but commercialized in the UK
  • Kevin Mooney's advice to right holders over the next coming months to assess the impact of IP rights how they should prepare ahead of the Brexit deadlines
  • Discussions around the UK remaining within the UPC project post-Brexit

The Price of Innovation: Successful IP Monetisation in Life Sciences

Savvy IP protection is critical to enforce and defend IP rights, in addition to building a strong business model for future success. Successfully managed IP strategies will enable increased collaboration and massive innovation, driving forward the industry as a whole and providing a major tangible asset for life science businesses.

In this article, Legal IQ spoke exclusively to Ryan Zurek, Managing Director, Ocean Tomo, LLC about the best tactics for valuing life sciences patents, which life science areas are leading the way in IP monetisation and the metrics to consider when using IP to further profit for your business. 

Life Science IP: Map of Europe

IP protection and enforcement is critical to securing business success and there are few industries where the impact of IP management is as dramatic as life science. Ahead of the Life Science IP 2018 Conference, we have put together this useful industry map which provides a high level overview of the latest industry developments affecting Life Science Intellectual Property in various European nations. 

Preparation, Timeliness and Security: Expert Insights on the Early Certainty Programme

Early Certainty Programmes are designed to provide the patent application process with greater certainty and timeliness; we wanted to better understand the implications of this new time frame for in-house patent filing preparation. 

Legal IQ sat down with Dieter Tzschoppe, Director in Operations Biotechnology Pure and Applied Organic Chemistry at the European Patent Office in order to discuss the Early Certainty Programme in more detail, and understand the impact it will have on life science companies.